1. Community Human Rights Watch:

PHRAS will train Human Rights Defenders.  The aim of the training programme was to create a grass-roots and local human rights network.  Apart from training on human rights issues, fact-finding and report-writing, PHRAS human rights defenders are also given training on election monitoring prior to every national election.


2. Advocacy:

Through regular discussion meetings on various issues of human rights and their abuse, PHRAS brings together various groups of people, victims of human rights abuse. The findings and recommendations are discussed. In this way, and also through its publication of reports in the media, PHRAS will carrie out its advocacy activities.


3. Urgent Appeals:

To campaign against major violations of human rights and also to put pressure on state actors for swift remedy for victims PHRAS sends urgent appeals across the globe through its network and website. PHRAS also responds to urgent appeals sent by other organizations.


4. Good Governance:

One of the main focuses of PHRAS is promotion of good governance. PHRAS believes that without protecting human rights, ensuring good governance is impossible and vice versa PHRAS organizes seminars, workshops and discussion meetings, including round table meetings to promote the issue of good governance. 


5. Building effective web-based solutions to real social problems:

Event for software developers, designers and social innovators to create new businesses and projects that use the web to achieve a social goal.Brings together social innovators from the non-profit, media, commercial and public sector and talented software developers and designers. teams will build effective web-based solutions to real social problems. Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society aims to jump start a “digital activist” movement across the Country committed to using the Information and communication technologies for positive social change.


6. Developing Community Disaster Response Initiatives:

Special emphasis will be given to developing a quick local response mechanism to face natural disasters, through community participation on cooperative principles. The community members will be trained on different response mechanisms and their coping capacity will be enhanced, depending on the geographical location and vulnerability of the union to various natural disasters (viz. cyclone, tornado, flood, drought, river erosion etc). Formation of school-based disaster management committee will be encouraged, in appropriate cases.


7. Promoting Human Rights and Gender Equity:

Promoting human rights and launching campaigns against gender discrimination will be yet another area of intervention for the community as a whole. Posters/leaflets etc will be published and distributed and other appropriate publicity materials will be used in addition to holding community-based seminars and training sessions to sensitize all concerned on these issues. Awareness campaign on violence against women will be a regular agenda item in such campaigns, meetings/seminars, and training sessions.


8. Publicity & Campaign:

Efforts will be made to raise public awareness about our programme with a view to improving the image of Human Rights. Both print and electronic media would be used for this purpose.


9. Volunteers:

PHRAS has volunteer programme for local activists who are interested in doing field and desk work as human rights defenders in Bangladesh. The organization provides a safe working environment for the volunteers.





Time to time, and in emergencies, PHRAS has arrange different program for poor and needy community of the area.