Aims & Objectives:

Awareness of health, human rights, identifying social problem and providing remedies, fighting against corruption, injustice, discrimination of all kinds, poverty, child labor and social evils and working for the improvement and better of society, bringing awareness for peace, democracy, equality, basic rights, environmental protection and especially moral values into the community and making them understand its importance. Promoting health, hygienic awareness along with basic education and skills among the children. Working for the rights of women and children and making them aware of their political and other rights, as they have an important role to play in the prosperity and growth of a healthy, educated and enlightened society. Our main objectives are:


01. Campaign for popular education.

02. Assistance of prison.

03. Create awareness and take actions to protect trafficking of women and   Children   for sexual exploitation.

04. Create awareness about violence associated with trafficking and sexual exploitation includes depression, suicidal thought and attempts and physical injuries such as bruises, broken bones, wounds, stab wounds, mouth and teeth injuries and even death.

05. Awareness creation for reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases like pregnancy, forced or unsafe abortions.

06. Awareness creation and knowledge sharing against corruption and to assist the people to strength capacity to tackle corruption and to move closer to international stands.

07. Respect and work for the universal declaration of human right was adopted by the general assembly of The United Nations in 1948.

08. To enhance awareness of poor female and male through organize them.

09. Leadership development at family as well as society level and enhance women       participation.

10. Establish rights and good governance at all levels.

11. Increase awareness on dowry, divorce,  early marriage,  many marriages, and other social discrimination.

12. Ensure participation of women at all levels.

13. Establish gender sensitivity for improving relationship between female and male.

14. Motivate people for controlling increased rate of population.

15. Increase   rate   of  education, adult education for eradicating illiteracy and increase awareness.

16. Establish rights for children.

17. Awareness creation and jointly work with national and international agencies for  environmental protection & Water resources, Irrigation and drainage management.

18. Establish rights for disabled at family and society levels.

19. Ensure health and reproductive health and reduce rate of death.

20. Improve sanitation and access for safe water.

21. Improve local infrastructure.

22. Enhance   awareness   and   capacity   for   implementing   disaster  resistant and  environment friendly agriculture.

23. Internal relationship building through implementation jointly program with national and international agencies.

24. Strengthening disaster-cropping capacities of the community people.

25. Awareness and advocacy on human rights and meditation.

26. Creating awareness and development about human rights through cultural initiatives, We use this approach for raising awareness on various issues, life skill- style development and sometime for program fund raising.

27. Civic empowerment, meditation and legal support, due to lack of basic knowledge about human rights and governance, people don't know that they are deprived of so many things that constitute the violation of human rights and good governance is not practiced. Awareness creation program will be taken on this issues.

28. Establish local committee of citizen including local elites and lawyers for situation analysis, mediation and legal support.

29. Networking with youth and children groups. The children and youth group of Bangladesh can not share and express their views and wish to any one around. And they are also facing lots different in the community while other world children- youth are enjoying safe- sound environment for their development. On this issue we develop a  voluntary unit, numbers of young angels are involved in this unit.

30. Awareness creation and motivate people against slavery.