Chairman's Message

The Modern World is passing through a crucial phase as the gap between the rich and the poor is augmenting day by day. Everyone is a becoming a target of discrimination. People who have are not willing to share with those who are helpless and those who are living on the edge of their lives. Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society is standing with them, informing them about their rights, defending their rights at all levels, and confronting inequality and intolerance wherever they are found. We approach this pillar with humility, mindful of the fact that all members have human rights challenges. And we embrace it with purpose, knowing that those challenges must be met, both for the cause of human rights itself, and for the benefit of peace and development. That is our identity and our mission. 

We are a growing non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization based on an integrated team of dedicated individuals whose sole slogan is "Empowering the underprivileged" and who believe in the fact that "God helps those who help others". 

At the enduring support & belief of a lot of people, Local and International organization and friends has kept us going. I wish to thank them all. It is taken us a long time to reach where we are today but I feel that this is just the beginning still there is a long way to go, a lot more needs to be done.

Greetings to newly elected Executive Committee. EC recognized with due honour for regular (2008-2012) financial assistances from Mr. Shah Ahmed Ali Khan & Ms. Nanzir Sultana (Bithi) for their dedicated contribution to the Organization. Besides, there was no other domestic or International financial / logistic supports was available during the period from 2008 to 2012. 


May God bless us in the right path.


Shah Ahmed Ali Khan







Executive Director's Message


Welcome to the online doorstep of Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society. Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society is a non-profit Human Rights Based organization registered with the government.  It envisions a self reliant and prosperous Bangladesh. It operates advocacy and human resource development through the policy research, analysis and dialogue. Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society is guided by the values of democracy, universal human rights, gender equity, constitutionalism and above all patriotism. Since it’s inception in 2008, Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society has been putting strong efforts to enhance capacity as a peoples centred organization. In achieving its goals and vision, Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society engaged in integrated development approaches with efficient combination of different programme. Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society has passed a fairly successful years 2008-2011 in terms of maintaining the pace of its growth. And it was possible due to the fact that it was able to foresee the possible consequences of the crisis and take appropriate measures to face the crisis.

 Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society has successfully entered into some new geographic areas. Sincerity and dedication of the dynamic teams of Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society and the sincere cooperation of the development partners and beneficiaries helped Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society maintaining the trend of its growth which deserve high appreciation.

With a view to update its approaches and initiatives with the changing development trends, Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society  has established and reinforced strong network and collaboration with different relevant organizations and stakeholders, so that the organization can continue enhancing the capabilities of the disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the areas of Social Development, Food Security and Disaster Management, Agricultural Development, Rights and Governance, Education, and Health, Nutrition and Environment, and empowering them to solve the problems that affect their lives. To sustain the positive results in true sense, Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society has been ensuring synergistic efforts of the community allies through participation of all sections of people in every step of the development process.

Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society express its deep gratitude to all development partners with its dynamic policy formulation body and dedicated team members for their sincere cooperation to develop the quality partnership with Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society that was helpful to build up our organizational capacity.

We deliver thanks to Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society Executive Committee for their sincere and cordial technical and management support for achieve organizational mission. I also extend my cordial gratefulness to GoB for their support. We pay our cordial gratitude to all of our participants, staffs, who played effective role.

Our best cooperation will be continued to work with all development partners, GOB and others development actors in future to overcome the poverty.   

Wishing a peaceful life for all and looking forward to a society free from inequity and all form of discriminations. Thank you for visiting our site, and please do not hesitate to contact me at  if you have any questions or suggestions.


Shah Tasadduque Ali Khan

Executive Director