1. Community Human Rights Watch:

PHRAS will train Human Rights Defenders.  The aim of the training programme was to create a grass-roots and local human rights network.  Apart from training on human rights issues, fact-finding and report-writing, PHRAS human rights defenders are also given training on election monitoring prior to every national election.

2. Human Rights Education:

It has been discovered that the reason for the many alarming cases of abuse and violence in Schools, Homes and Communities is due to the lack of knowledge about the basic human rights and the need to respect ones rights. This Program is especially designed to address these ills of society by promoting human rights education at all levels.


3. Urgent Appeals:

To campaign against major violations of human rights and also to put pressure on state actors for swift remedy for victims PHRAS sends urgent appeals across the globe through its network and website. PHRAS also responds to urgent appeals sent by other organizations.


4. Promoting Human Rights and Gender Equity:

Gender and women empowerment is a Program designed to address the challenges that women face in their homes & communities and protect their rights at all levels; also seeking to empower them with life skills training opportunities and basic management skills. The program also seeks to raise awareness against all forms of Abuse against Women. Promoting human rights and launching campaigns against gender discrimination will be yet another area of intervention for the community as a whole. Posters/leaflets etc will be published and distributed and other appropriate publicity materials will be used in addition to holding community-based seminars and training sessions to sensitize all concerned on these issues. Awareness campaign on violence against women will be a regular agenda item in such campaigns, meetings/seminars, and training sessions.


5. Child Welfare Promotion: 

The Children constitute a very fragile part of the nation’s population and are the future generation of leaders that are expected to take responsibility after the youths, but if they are not taken care of by giving them the required grooming, care and support to enable them grow in a healthy environment, they will not perform as expected. 


6. Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery: 

This program seeks to advocate for the eradication of modern day slavery. Despite the fact that slavery was officially abolished in the 19th century, Millions of children, women, and men are affected. They are subjected to forced labor, forced prostitution and debt bondage on daily basis.  


7. Democracy and Good Governance: 

This Program is geared towards promoting Democracy, Good Governance and a Corrupt-Free society and ensuring that Youths and Women are active participants in governance at local, national and international levels.


8. Youth Empowerment Strategies:

The goal of this program is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future. Only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be reestablished that will give youth the commitment to follow through on path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Through repeated failures in the classroom and the development of destructive habits, at-risk young people have lost faith in the possibilities that await them if they are successful in putting their lives together. We believe that young people must be in a caring, inclusive learning environment that promotes their best efforts and reinforces personal respect.


9. Natural Resources & Environment Development:

The Climate change issue is being addressed in our country.The skill and expertise knowledge was shared with the Volunteers and Social Development team of different govt. and non-govt. officials. Adolescents to create awareness on Climate change; and distribute the plants and to plant the trees .The program seeks to address issues relating to Climate Change in Bangladesh. We strongly believe that whatever we do to tackle climate change will serve as a legacy for our future generation. Climate change and global poverty have attracted a lot of attention in recent years as key global justice challenges of our times. Both are serious challenges to the future health and prosperity of our planet. They must be combated simultaneously; we cannot take care of one without addressing the other. An effective attack on poverty and the ill-effects of climate change requires taking comprehensive action that encompasses both issues. We cannot fight climate change without considering the rising energy needs of poor people and countries, nor can we effectively address global poverty without accounting for the impacts of climate change on agriculture, disease patterns, and violent weather events, all of which particularly impact the poorest countries.


10. Developing Community Disaster Response Initiatives:

Special emphasis will be given to developing a quick local response mechanism to face natural disasters, through community participation on cooperative principles. The community members will be trained on different response mechanisms and their coping capacity will be enhanced, depending on the geographical location and vulnerability of the union to various natural disasters (viz. cyclone, tornado, flood, drought, river erosion etc). Formation of school-based disaster management committee will be encouraged, in appropriate cases.


11. Urban & Rural Community Development:

The organization provides a safe working environment for the volunteers.Training program was imparted to the Volunteers  of  PHRAS on “Process and Methods” of Urban and Rural Community Development program to build the capacities of the Volunteers in the areas of Health, Education, Secure Livelihood and Social Care.


12. Social Integration and Advocacy:

Through regular discussion meetings on various issues of human rights and their abuse, PHRAS brings together various groups of people, victims of human rights abuse. The findings and recommendations are discussed. In this way, and also through its publication of reports in the media, PHRAS will carrie out its advocacy activities.Social Integration programs among advisee indigenous Community themselves. The Advocacy awareness program was initiated on their rights specially Family Law & Land Law and the other rights of the community people. The community and Women Self Help Group empowered on their rights and entitlement.


13. Research & Process Documentation:

Research and Process documentation on different social issue and the violation of rights has documented .


14. Agriculture: 

Agriculture is a significant part of Bangladesh. In our effort to make food security a reality in Bangladesh, PHRAS support them by organizing  events and joining awareness creating activities with different national and International organization for producing  sufficient food for their families, communities, cities and the country as a whole.



15. Health:

The local health awareness program is created among the community. The water and sanitation program is introduced as prevention of health system. The health is wealth at the same time Ayurvedic medicinal plants are encouraged to promote among the community members. Our fields also have the research the different wild medicinal plants for securing the health system.


16. Water Sanitation and Hygiene: 

Water is Life! It is undoubtedly true that water is a very important aspect of man’s life and so also a very pertinent aspect of Human Rights. As an organization seeking to ensure the livelihood and sustainability of humanity, this Program is mainly to advocate and promote Water Sanitation and Hygiene.   


17. Peace and Security: 

This Program seeks to promote tolerance, nonviolence and peace by encouraging and supporting mutual understanding, solidarity, and cooperation among all citizens in Bangladesh and beyond. 


18. Science & Technologies: 

This program seeks to promoting the use of ICTs for Sustainable Peace and Development. We believe that adequate access to ICT tools especially by youths and women will contribute greatly in enhancing the development of people and their communities. PHRAS is a partner organization of TIG and running a community group of NetSquared under techsoup global group for creating opportunities for young people and women, especially those in rural areas to have adequate access to ICTs for sustainable development. Training was facilitated to the students in different institutes and universities to promote and institutionalize the different rural communities; where people are living in third and fourth world; within the captive space of their own community.


19. Building effective web-based solutions to real social problems:

Event for software developers, designers and social innovators to create new businesses and projects that use the web to achieve a social goal.Brings together social innovators from the non-profit, media, commercial and public sector and talented software developers and designers. teams will build effective web-based solutions to real social problems. Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society aims to jump start a “digital activist” movement across the Country committed to using the Information and communication technologies for positive social change.


20. Publicity & Campaign:

Efforts will be made to raise public awareness about our programme with a view to improving the image of Human Rights. Both print and electronic media would be used for this purpose.