We heartily welcome applications from international volunteers for an unpaid learning, sharing and life-changing experience. The program intends to provide opportunities for volunteers to work with children, youths and women to develop project development, management and evaluation, creative arts, or undertake research projects that promote the course of young people and women in one of the world’s poorest countries. All levels of skills and talents are welcome and appreciated.PHRAS has volunteer programme for local /International activists who are interested in doing field and desk work as human rights champion in Bangladesh. The organization provides a safe working environment for the volunteers.We have formed a "Volunteer Group" with young,energitic & talented youths.We always try to remix the web for social change so we use social media site like Facebook,Twitter for communicate with our volunteers.We delivery our message to our online friends/volunteers to their platform by using this Social Media Sites.





PHRAS offers undergraduate students to do an unpaid internship in the organization in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

You may send your resume as initial introduce (CV) via e-mail: info.phras@gmail.com  or stakhan1973@yahoo.com                                                  


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